Special Needs

People with Special Needs (sometimes called disabilities) may need legal help to protect their income, health, or housing benefits.  JIm can provide that help.

A person with special needs might need Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to provide cash flow to support themselves.  SSI is means tested. (i.e., People who have too much money in the bank or too much other income aren’t eligible for SSI.)  Special Needs legal services can help the person keep their SSI payments and, at the same time, have the “excess” money or income sheltered so that it can still benefit the person with the special needs.

A special needs attorney can make sure that a disabled young person gets the Free and Appropriate Public Education to which he or she is entitled.  The family might need an advocate to help work with the local school district.  (Unfortunately, that “work” with the school district sometimes needs to be litigation with the school district.)

A parent or grandparent of someone with special needs want to make sure that the person shares in the financial legacy that the parent or grandparent leaves at his or her death. (Remember, even an adult is still someone’s child and someone’s grandchild.)  If the inheritance is given directly to the special needs child, means-tested benefits could stop until the new money is used up.  That’s a waste of assets to the family that special needs planning can avoid.  Jim can help families make arrangements to benefit all of the children and grandchildren and not endanger government or charitable programs for the special needs family member.

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