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12-31-2013 Some employers offer #LongTermCareInsurance (pdf)

12-30-2013 How to use Medicare’s #NursingHome comparison tool #SeniorCare

12-29-2013 Financial Risks Seniors Take #SeniorCare #EstatePlanning (pdf)

12-28-2013 Predictive prowess of #NursingHomeCat (pdf)

12-27-2013 What a nursing home stay can do to your life savings #SeniorCare #ElderLaw

12-26-2013 #Fraud targeting senior #Veterans

12-25-2013 Help in communicating with #Alzheimer’s sufferers #SeniorCare (pdf)

12-24-2013 Strategies that make #LongTermCareInsurance less expensive (pdf)

12-23-2013 Helping someone adapt to nursing home #SeniorCare

12-22-2013 Ohio increases incentive for nursing homes to provide good care #SeniorCare #NursingHome (Backup copy of article because link is broken)

12-21-2013 Study on what boomers will inherit and will then leave to heirs #EstatePlanning

12-20-2013 Nursing homes advised to consider suing sue children for parents’ care  #SeniorCare #ElderLaw

12-19-2013 Another view on fraud against seniors #SeniorCare #Fraud
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

12-18-2013 Men becoming caregivers to women with dementia and Alzheimer’s #SeniorCare #Caregiving

12-17-2013 Suze Orman on #LongTermCareInsurance
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

12-16-2013 What kind of long term care will you need, and for how long? #SeniorCare #ElderLaw

12-15-2013 Boomers may not inherit much from their parents #estateplanning

12-14-2013 What to consider when preparing your will #estateplanning

12-13-2013 Must children pay for Parents’ Nursing Home? #SeniorCare #ElderLaw

12-12-2013 “Grandchild needs money right now” scam #Fraud #SeniorCare 

12-11-2013 Helping parents with finances and estate plan #SeniorCare #Caregiving

12-10-2013 Long Term Care Insurance – Elimination Period explained #LongTermCareInsurance

12-9-2013 Boutique options for senior living #SeniorCare

12-8-2013 Difference between Medicare and Medicaid #Medicare #ElderLaw
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

12-7-2013 Family Fights over Inheritance #EstatePlanning

12-6-2013 Long Term Care can Cost your Life Savings #SeniorCare #ElderLaw

12-5-2013 Preventing fraud against seniors #Scams #SeniorCare 
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

12-4-2013 Are you ready to care for your parents? #SeniorCare #Caregiving 

12-3-2013 Does long term care insurance make sense for you? #LongTermCareInsurance

12-2-2013 Pitfalls when hiring your own home health aide #SeniorCare #HomeHealthCare

12-1-2013 Advice for Seniors with Multiple Health Problems #SeniorCare

11-30-2013 Deciding whether you’re ready to retire #Boomers #Retirement

11-29-2013 Grandparent in the role of parent #Boomers

11-28-2013 Financial squeeze facing the “sandwich generation” #Boomers #SeniorCare
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

11-27-2013 Cooperation in estate planning for elderly loved one #EstatePlanning #SeniorCare

11-26-2013 Seniors’ physical activity wards off psychological distress #SeniorCare

11-25-2013 More suggestions when considering nursing homes #SeniorCare
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

11-24-2013 Reasons for a reverse mortgage #ReverseMortgage #Retirement

11-23-2013 Second language can help prevent dementia #Dementia

11-21-2013 MetLife study of elder financial abuse #fraud #SeniorCare

11-20-2013 The importance of bonding between caregiver and client #SeniorCare #InHomeCare

11-19-2013 Keeping seniors fit to avoid sarcopenia #SeniorCare

11-18-2013 Choosing a nursing home – a New York Times perspective #SeniorCare

11-17-2013 Senior drug abuse on the rise #SeniorCare 

11-16-2013 Estate planning tips for elderly family members #EstatePlanning

11-15-2013 Alzheimer’s Reading Room News #Alzheimers

11-14-2013 Predicting heart attacks in seniors #SeniorCare

11-13-2013 How is Alzheimer’s different from dementia? #Alzheimers

11-12-2013 Senior reacts to music of his era #HealingPowerOfMusic #SeniorCare

11-11-2013 Veterans benefits that can help pay for long term care #VA

11-10-2013 Consider a long term care plan in addition to an estate plan #PlanAheadForLTC

11-9-2013 Signs of Senior Stress #SeniorCare #Caregiver
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

11-8-2013 The world of the elder law attorney #ElderLaw
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

11-7-2013 When to hire In Home Care #SeniorCare #AgingInPlace
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

11-6-2013 Emotional cost of buying Long Term Care Insurance #SeniorCare  #LongTermCareInsurance

11-5-2013 Long term care residents have high risk of head injuries #SeniorCare

11-4-2013 Looking ahead for the proper housing for your senior #SeniorCare  ttp://

11-3-2013 Medicaid’s Look-Back Period Explained #ElderLaw #Medicaid

11-2-2013 Comparing In Home Care to Assisted Living #SeniorCare

11-1-2013 Letting Parents Move In

10-31-2013 Mobility and Aging In Place

10-30-2013 Family discussions about a senior’s care
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

10-29-2013 Look out for the seniors around you

10-28-2013 Still another view on how to choose a nursing home
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

10-27-2013 Many Alzheimer’s sufferers, few caregivers
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

10-26-2013 Caring for the Caregiver webcast
(Link broken and no backup.  Sorry.)

10-25-2013 Home care offers option for elderly

10-24-2013 Long Term Care facilities can’t treat all Alzheimer’s residents the same way

10-23-2013 Finding some humor amid the tragedy of dementia

10-22-2013 When the care you can provide at home isn’t enough

10-21-2013 Important questions to ask when considering a nursing home

10-20-2013 Deciding whether In Home Care is Appropriate

10-19-2013 When to consider a nursing home or assisted living

10-18-2013 Ohio banks can report suspected elder financial abuse

10-17-2013 Person centered care in assisted living

10-15-2013 How are assisted living facilities different than nursing homes?

10-14-2013 More tips on choosing a nursing home (a broader perspective)

10-13-2013 Memory Care in Assisted Living (Backup copy of article because link is broken)

10-12-2013 Warning Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

10-11-2013 Involving the whole family in caring for a loved one

10-10-2013 Some senior humor

10-9-2013 The importance of visitors to nursing home residents

10-8-2013 Don’t expect Medicare to pay for long term care (Backup copy of article because link is broken)

10-7-2013 More tips on choosing a nursing home (what to look for during a tour)

10-6-2013 Tips on choosing a nursing home for a loved one (with a heavy emphasis on abuse prevention)

10-5-2013 What assisted living can do for a senior (Backup copy of article because link is broken)

10-4-2013 How Medicaid for long term care looks at trusts

10-3-2013 We say we want to live longer, but how much longer?

10-2-2013 When it comes to long term care costs, Americans don’t know what they don’t know

10-1-2013 Ohio to put up website to help people determine Medicaid eligibility and, if needed, link to health insurance marketplace (Backup copy of article because link is broken)

9-30-2013 Type of nursing home resident’s health insurance influences likelihood of hospitalization

9-26-2013 Caring for a spouse can cause isolation (Backup copy of article because link is broken)

9-25-2013 Help your loved one in long term care by personalizing his or her room (Backup copy of article because link is broken)

9-23-2013 Daughter of defrauded father makes a movie to warn others (Backup copy of article because link is broken)

9-23-2013 An Alzhheimer’s sufferer describes his experience

9-22-2013 Easing the emotional crisis of moving a parent into a nursing home.

9-18-2013 Like seniors facing long term care, blue ribbon commission to craft national LTC strategy is overwhelmed

9-17-2013 To politicians, Medicaid expansion is a reason to argue. To some common people, it’s a lifeline

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