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Seniors have worked their whole lives to earn and build a nest egg, most of them hoping to leave a legacy to their children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, many of today’s seniors will spend their entire life savings for nursing home care, assisted living care, or in-home care without ever knowing there is an alternative.

The Koewler Law Firm helps seniors receive long term care without having to exhaust their entire life savings.  Jim Koewler is passionate and professional about his services, because he has been through the very same issues with his family.  In fact, Jim took up elder law after seeing how an elder law attorney helped a relative.  Jim saw the emotional burden, as much as a financial burden, lifted off a grandmother and her adult children and realized that he wanted to help families in the same way.

Through strategic planning and legal formalities, Jim qualifies seniors for Medicaid or VA benefits (or both) to pay the otherwise overwhelming costs for long term care.  Let Jim Koewler be your advocate, your guide, and your representative through the asset protection and government benefit application processes. For advice, representation and peace of mind through these difficult issues, contact Jim Koewler of The Koewler Law Firm.

Would you rather keep your hard-earned money in the family? Let Jim Koewler help you protect your life savings! Close to sixty percent of today’s seniors will need long term care at some point (The Plain Dealer.)  Many of those seniors will unintentionally allow the costs of long term care to drain their entire life savings.

Wouldn’t you prefer to leave a legacy to your children and grandchildren? Neither the VA nor Medicaid will tell you how to save any of your hard-earned money. Seniors need protection.  Seniors deserve peace of mind. Get that protection and peace of mind from Jim Koewler of The Koewler Law Firm. Jim promises to represent you throughout the planning, implementation, and applications for Medicaid and VA benefits to make the entire process as easy as he can for you and your family.

• Free initial consultation – You shouldn’t have to pay to “kick the tires.”

• No conference rooms – Jim will come and meet around your kitchen table.

• Flat fee for most cases – Jim takes the guesswork out of fees.

Jim Koewler cares about you and all that you have worked so hard to achieve. He cares about your family and understands the difficulties that come with a need for long term care.  He provides a plan to protect your savings, and will help you implement that plan according to your individual needs. Jim Koewler prepares you and ensures that you and your assets are protected!

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The mission of The Koewler Law Firm is
“Protecting Seniors and People with Special Needs.”

For help with long term care or with planning for someone with special needs,
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