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Jim Koewler
Jim Koewler

Jim is a native of Evansville, Indiana.  Jim now lives in Richfield, Ohio, is married and has two children.  (One in college and the other paying off student loans, so please be gentle.)

Jim’s last name is pronounced KAY-ler (rhyming with sailor and tailor,) but you’d never know that from the spelling.  The Americanized pronunciation is nothing like the pronunciation back in Germany.

Jim has a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Purdue University.  (Go Boilermakers!)  His law degree is from Indiana University.  (Go Hoosiers!  – except against the Boilers.)  For fans of odd sports moments, Jim was in his first year of law school attending the game when Indiana Coach Bob Knight threw the chair.  Ironically for Jim, it was the Purdue game.

Using his chemistry degree, Jim started his legal career in environmental law.  Jim moved to elder law in 2007 after a family member got help from an elder law attorney.

Jim saw how the elder law attorney not only helped his relatives protect their life savings but also how the attorney helped relieve the emotional stress of a family member needing long term care.  Jim changed his focus to elder law so that he can bring this same kind of financial relief and emotional relief to other families.

If a friend or family member needs long term care or has special needs or a disability,
please remember that Jim’s mission is
“Protecting Seniors and People with Special Needs.”

For help with long term care or with planning for someone with special needs,
call Jim, or contact him through this website.

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