Seniors Have A Choice

Seniors who need long term care have a choice. They can choose to spend their entire life savings on long term care, or they can choose to keep some of their money in the family.

Long term care can mean living in a nursing home (also sometimes called a skilled nursing facility,) living in an assisted living facility, living in senior housing (also sometimes called independent living or a senior apartment) where support services are provided, or receiving care (professional or family-provided) in the home.

Few seniors know that they have this choice about their life savings and the costs of their care. Too many families just pay the monthly bills for long term care until the senior’s life savings has run out. Most seniors never find out that there is a way to keep money in the family despite the costs for long term care.

As of 2013, even the least expensive nursing homes in northeast Ohio charge more than $6,000 per month (over $72,000 per year.) Frequently, nursing homes have a higher monthly rate, $6,500 or more ($78,000 or more per year.) Even lower-cost assisted living facilities can cost $3,000 per month ($36,000 per year.) In-home care services charge by the hour, and costs can add up quickly as the senior needs more help.

These prices will quickly dry up a senior’s life savings. Wouldn’t every senior prefer to have some of his or her life savings stay in the family? Wouldn’t every senior like to make his or her own choice?

The Koewler Law Firm can give seniors the ability to make that choice.  Attorney Jim Koewler, through his law office’s elder law practice, helps seniors who need long term care. Jim helps those seniors qualify for the Ohio Medicaid program because that program will pay the senior’s costs for most nursing homes and many assisted living facilities and in-home care services. (Note: Medicaid payments for assisted living will exclude some of the prescription costs and other non-facility costs.  In addition, Medicaid coverage for in-home care might provide fewer hours of care than you might otherwise expect and will exclude room and board expenses.) Jim also helps eligible veterans and their surviving spouses qualify for VA benefits that help pay for long term care.  More importantly, Jim will help the senior find ways to keep part of the senior’s life savings and assets in the family as allowed by the Medicaid and VA rules.

Jim Koewler’s mission is
“Protecting Seniors and People with Special Needs.”

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